Maintenance 1a+ Workers Cooperative

G r e e n e r       F a i r e r       C l e a n e r    

A unique workers cooperative that specializes in socially responsible commercial cleaning and maintenance services.

Which do you prefer?

A)  A traditional cleaning company has shareholders, owners, administrators, managers, and finally the workers who actually do the cleaning. As a client, you may never meet the owners. Instead, you negotiate with an administrator (who is often not available). The administrator tells the manager, who in turn tells the minimum wage workers, what they need to do. You could easily be dissatisfied. 

B)  The employees of Maintenance 1a+ Worker Co-op are the shareholders, owners, administrators, managers, and workers! This means you do business directly with the people who perform the cleaning services in your establishment.

If your answer was B, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Maintenance 1a+